Several Benefits of Choosing Our Custom Made Designs

Posted on May 28, 2022

Many of us can easily think of of pictures, moments, recipes that has sentimental value, whether it is Grandma's favorite meal to share as you reminisce those countless family meals that were enjoyed at Grandma’s table. When you want to recall those recipes why search for it when you can have it engraved into or onto something to hang, use, wear, or as a gift to those you care about. 

The engravings will help hand down the recipes for years to come through the generations, they bring with them the stories and memories of the meals shared from the past to the present as you use them or look at them. Along with the priceless value which becomes even more significant in the family.

Handmade products by us are custom designed with you in mind, they are built to be heirloom quality, so that it can be treasured for generations to come. Besides having heirloom-quality potential, there are several reasons handmade products are a smarter purchase than the manufactured, mass-produced product, that is so prevalent in today’s marketplace. 


Our custom made products are built to tolerate decades of enjoyment while maintaining its natural beauty.
When requested it can be sealed with protective finishes that make it resistant against, UV rays moisture, stains, and more. Much of the mass-produced products sold today are made from manufactured materials which simply do not match the durability or longevity of handcrafted products.

Environmentally friendly-
We always try to provide components that can be sourced from local shops, reducing transportation cost while also supporting the local economy.

Beauty - Each custom made product and request has its own unique characteristics, grain patterns, and more. Each product even with the grain patterns vary from piece to piece, making each item slightly different from the next. Stains and finishes can further enhance the beauty of the wood as well as separate one product from the next.

Customization - 

Unlike mass produced products, handcrafted products can be built to specific needs, specifications and preferences. With options for different stains, finishes, and materials. May it be wood, slate, acrylic, silicone, title, and more. Each request can be customized to match a home’s existing design, an individuals idea, personality, interest, as always made to accommodate individual preferences or desire.

Holds its value- 

While most products typically costs more upfront than manufactured products. It is an investment that retains much more value than manufactured mass produced. While it may be tempting to save money initially, having to replace manufactured products down the road could end up costing more than purchasing quality handmade custom designed products upfront. You are also supporting a family that is local, has Deaf and CODA members, as well as a family that is full of diversity.


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